Little Bit (aka Ember)
Female Shaded Blue Cream Persian



Thought you might want to hear about Ember--she is Little Bit to us. She is a happy healthy 8 lb. little girl. The vet said she had never seen a one year old cat with as much fur. We absolutely adore her. Her purr can be heard across the room--literally! She is truly all fur and purr. Likes to be held, then off again on her rounds. She loves to sit on the screened in porch and watch birds, chipmunks and squirrels, and to play with her favorite toys. She has a special place where she keeps her acquisitions--loves paper of all kinds and has decorated the upstairs with toilet tissue. She actually brought a roll downstairs twice, so we let her keep it. She has raided all the kleenex boxes in the house to line her "kitten" tube and paper bag. She loves to drink running water, and lets us know when she is thirsty. She has brought the drain cover from the tub down twice--how she got it out is beyond me, and came down after Christmas carrying a silver (nonbreakable) Christmas ornament, which is also in her "stash pile".

She truly is a love and the joy of our lives. She is happy all the time, can jump three feet in the air from sitting --which isn't Persian at all-have threatened to read her the Persian book about not being very active, etc.--she is very active and alert, seems to love her home and us, and we are so grateful to have her as owner of this home and us. She even purrs when she is being brushed and combed--comes to me in the morning for her brushing, loves to chase balls and paper balls, and enjoys toys on a string. She is quite a jumper--almost flips and completely turns in the air. Thank you for our precious little one. Just wanted you to know she is healthy, happy and very loved. - Margo

Pearl (Female Seal Lynx Point Himalayan)

Pearl was adopted by sweet little Valene and family in Kansas. Here is a picture of Valene and her daddy the night they met Pearl!

Nelson (Male Cream Point Himalayan)



"Nelson is doing just fine; living a life of luxury. I am madly in love with him. He is just the sweetest little boy. He's so humble when he goes to the groomer or the vet. They said he has the most beautiful white teeth. What does it mean when he lays on my chest and continuously pats me with his paws? I suspect it's a gesture of love but I was wondering what your take is on this. I was worried about him being overweight but he is only 9.9 pounds at 16 months. I will come back to you when I'm ready for another kitten!" - Paula Blunt

Corky (Shaded Silver Male Persian)

Corky has found a very special family with the most beautiful little girl named Gracie who adopted him. Gracie is 2 1/2 years old and has hydrocephalus and spina bifida. She has a small wheelchair that was made especially for her and she loves to sit in it and make herself go! She likes it so much, her mom told me she has a hard time getting Gracie to come out if it! I hope you all enjoy these precious pictures of little Gracie with her new little Persian Kitten!

Here is Gracie and her mommy with Corky.

Here is sweet little Gracie loving on her new kitten.

Gracie showing off her new wheelchair. Thank you for taking care of my kitten Gracie!

Lucas (Cream Point Himalayan)



"Lucas is very playful and energetic. He likes to tease the other cats too. Because he is so zippy, he has acquired many nicknames: The Baby, the white squirrel, the white tornado, peesquatch (just a funny name we call him), and "the squatch"." - Mary Woods

Romeo (Male Cameo Persian)

Joey (Male Blue Point Himalayan)

"I can't tell you how much we enjoy having Joey in our lives; he is absolutely adorable, affectionate, sweet, playful, and so fun to watch! His pictures don't do him justice at all! Thank you for giving us the opportunity to continue raising such a sweet little boy. We love him very much!!!" - Emy Arnett

Janie (Female Shaded Silver Persian)

"Jazmyne (aka Janie) is really pretty. She's my favorite kitty out of all four that I take care of. Thank you so much!" - Danielle Hamilton

Priscilla (Female Shaded Silver Persian)

"She is keeping us completely entertained. She is always wound up and has the other cats (10 times her size) on the run. I could not have picked her out any better if I was there. She's alert, happy, healthy and the very best Christmas present I have ever had. Thank you so much for all your help." - Gaila Pertuset

Angel (Female Flame Point Himalayan)

"Angel has brought us so much joy and Peanut really loves having a little sister around to play with! Thanks so much to Mandy and her husband, Jon. Buttercup has completed our loving family and we thank you very much!" - Courtney Kelley

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